9-11... Patriot Day

This AMAZING flag; The American flag represents the greatest nation on God's green earth. It represents strength, courage, self sacrifice for greater good, individual liberty and religious freedom to seek and worship the God of your choosing, and so much more. It is the only flag on earth for which the fundamental idea that people are good and capable of self-governance, self control, self discipline, and ultimately self sufficiency. It is the flag of intolerance. Yes - Intolerance..

The fact that we are an independent nation is a bi-product of our founders' intolerance for undue and unfair taxation and religious oppression. The fact that slavery was abolished is because an 'intolerant of the status quo' president stood long & strong ultimately sacrificing his life for the freedom of black slaves and furthermore the freedom to all Americans. The fact that Germany is NOT the world's only superpower is because an intolerant United States put an end to the unwarranted persecution of millions of Jews. The fact that no other nation in the world accepts as many immigrants into it's cultures and societies as the United States, despite our overwhelming flaws is because we are an intolerant nation; intolerant of of anything less than the unalienable rights bestowed upon all people from God. It is because history shows that despite the horrible chapters of our past, we are the only nation who's founding principles, ideas and Faith have paved the foundation for which we too have risen above our many economic, religious, and social challenges - faster, stronger, and more UNITED than any other nation in history.

This flag represents the fine men and women who have paid dearly for our liberties we take for granted today and everyday.  It represents the good in all of us, the strength in all of us, but mostly the potential in ALL of us. This flag should be a sign to the world that we are loving and compassionate yet intolerant... Intolerant to evil, hate and injustice. This is the flag on the face of the Earth's moon, the flag that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, embraced as he marched for miles - PEACEFULLY advocating freedom and equal opportunity for all mankind; And this is the flag that was raised high on 9-11 as a sign of our strength in unity as AMERICANS, and in GOD we trust our fellow Americans!

Let no man ever disgrace our land or our flag!  We will defend her with our lives, our honor and our sacred fortunes.. and so to all enemies both foreign and domestic; The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights, makes the most reliable soldier on earth, and we are honored to be part of that Militia!


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